Our vision


Due to improved treatment methods and an increasing life expectancy the demand for physical therapy will increase. This means that there will be a larger group of people that will have increasing physical complaints. The physical therapist can bring relief to these complaints.


Apart from this development society is hardening and increasingly performance-orientated with a proportionally increasing risk of stress- and work-related complaints.


Lack of movement and changing life styles contribute to an increase of western diseases.


In order to stimulate a healthy life style and employment participation and to prevent absenteeism, government focuses on a policy that promotes sports and movement. There is a role in this for the physical therapist in the context of prevention, guidance and treatment.


Quality, specialization and multidisciplinary cooperation ensure distinction. By excelling in qualitative care, quantitative care may be reduced; in other words: the best result, with as little treatment as possible and therefore with as few costs as possible.