Orophacial physiotherapy


What is an orophacial physiotherapist?


Orophacial physiotherapists are specialists that help you with: health problems that have to do with not- or not well-functioning muscles and joints in the head, the neck area and the digastric system. This physical therapist is therefore also sometimes referred to as a dental physiotherapist. There is often close cooperation with the family doctor, dentist, orthodontist or medical specialist, such as an ENT specialist, oral surgeon and neurologist.


Orophacial physiotherapists have had extensive training in dental aspects, specific nervous disorders, cancer in the head/neck area and specific neck disorders in order to be able to be of as much assistance to you as possible.


Orophacial physiotherapists are therefore pre-eminently expert in advising and counselling you as regards pain and functional problems in head, face and neck regions.

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Practices for orophacial physiotherapy